The Courtyard House

MELANIE MARTIN | The Courtyard House


"De Rosee Sa designed and produced a wonderful home for us on a very tricky narrow site.  The entire process was an absolute pleasure and Max and Ed were fantastic to work with. We had our fair share of project obstacles but these were all dealt with and solved in a very calm and sensible way. I wouldn’t hesitate to work on another project with them in the future and can’t recommend them highly enough."

Marylebone Gym

STEVE MELLOR | Marylebone Gym


“Working with De Rosee Sa has been fantastic. I have primarily been working with Edward who has been superb throughout the whole process. We have come across many unforeseen problems along the way and Edward has tirelessly battled with various different organisations to push our design and proposal forward. His continued support and passion for the project and can-do attitude is incredibly refreshing and motivating when dealing with problems. Needless to say, I would always recommend De Rosee Sa and have no doubt that we will continue to work together on future projects.”

Hurlingham Road

NOVA & HENRY GUEST | Hurlingham Road


"De Rosee Sa have delivered the perfect family home that is timeless, practical and beautiful. We could not be more grateful to the team for their hard work and persistence that has culminated in the most amazing house. I think they all know how much we love living here as I have been emailing them to say so every week since we moved in!"

Bassett Road



“Working with De Rosee Sa was a pleasure! It was such a good experience and I can honestly say we would do it all over again. Their hard work, patience, attention to detail and efficiency culminated in a project we are so happy with.”