Improving one’s home is an excellent investment, both in financial terms and for quality of life. Sometimes people consider moving home if they feel that their property is missing something, but this is an opportunity to renovate or build onto a home instead. Building a garden room is a popular choice at the moment, offering a number of benefits to anyone who wants to make a valuable and enjoyable change to their home. And bear in mind that with stamp duty rates being so high, you get more for your budget by refurbishing than moving property.

So if an outdoor space isn’t currently living up to its full potential, and a home is lacking in internal space, building a garden room could be the ideal solution. De Rosee Sa designed just such a project: the Caithness Garden Room, to look to for inspiration.

Create More Living Space

A garden room built into an outdoor space can be a great solution when a home is a little cramped indoors. Building a garden room will create more living space that can be adapted for all sorts of different uses. You don’t need to use all of your outdoor space to build a garden room; surrounding space can be left, creating an area for outdoor living, like a terrace or patio to complement the garden room.

Choose from Various Uses

A garden room could be used for anything. Some people will turn it into another bedroom or a small studio flat, complete with kitchenette and bathroom. Others may want a den or lounging area, or perhaps an artist’s studio, writer’s room or even a workshop. There is no need to pick one particular use for a garden room. It could be a space that serves a number of purposes.

Planning Permission May Not be Needed

One of the great things about garden rooms is that some of the time, there’s no need for planning permission. Building extensions and even separate structures in an outdoor space can often be done through permitted development. This means building a garden room can happen more quickly than some other projects would. If the wait for planning permission can be avoided, you can realise your garden room ideas much sooner. The construction process could be shorter than might be imagined, and disruption while the work is going on could be less than anticipated too.

Enjoy the Outdoors All Year

With the Great British weather, it’s not always easy to know when to expect sunny days. When the weather is fair, everyone wants to make the most of it whenever they can. However, with a garden room, outdoor space can be enjoyed across the whole year. From somewhere warm and dry – like a garden room – the connection with the garden is stronger, having the effect of bringing the outdoors in. Much like a conservatory or sunroom, the garden room can open up on sunny days and be closed and snug on colder days, allowing views out from the comfort and warmth of indoors. Pocket or sliding doors are an excellent choice for a garden room.

Build a Flexible Space

Garden rooms can be several things at once. When one is designed from scratch, there is the opportunity to make it a flexible space that can be reconfigured as wanted. Having sliding doors or even walls is just one way to change the space. A garden room will be a separate space from the house, so the design of it can be developed independently from elsewhere in the home.

Build Where You Want

Garden rooms are separate spaces, giving the flexibility to put them wherever wanted in a garden. Choosing where to site a garden room, even in a smaller garden, is important. But if there is plenty of space available, a relaxing and peaceful part of the garden for the new room might make sense. Alternatively, placing one closer to a main property will mean it can be a more sociable place to be in.

Garden rooms allow you to add more space to a home. Make the most of your garden by expanding your home, as De Rosee Sa did with the Caithness Garden Room.