Continuing our tradition of creative Christmas parties, this year we were lucky enough to immerse ourselves in a beginner’s workshop at Print Club London. We enjoyed a day learning the craft of screen printing – from applying light sensitive paint to our screens in a gritty darkroom, to pressing ink through our final designs.

Throughout the morning session in the East London studio we learnt about the history of screen printing, whilst prepping our screens for an afternoon of printing. Preparing our artwork in Photoshop, we then transferred the images onto our screens using London’s largest light box! After washing off the excess light sensitive paint that hadn’t reacted during the process, we left our screens to dry, allowing a perfect opportunity for a tasty team lunch!

In the afternoon we mastered the art of printing. Some of us opted to print onto tote bags and others on traditional paper, with architectural precision we perfected the positioning of the screens! It was a great day, full of hands-on, practical fun – we all walked away with a piece of work that best described our personality!

From everyone at De Rosee Sa we wish you all a happy holiday and the very best for the New Year!