London is a place in constant flux. Over the years, it has grown and transformed, and it continues to do so. It’s a vibrant and colourful city, where there is always something happening, something being built. Notting Hill is one of the most interesting areas in the city, not just for the film that bears its name, but as a desirable, beautiful part of the capital to live in. Notting Hill is full of variety – in its communities, its architecture (including great private housing and social housing), the famous market and green spaces (including the private squares). Everyone is living cheek by jowl with everyone else and it all works, somehow.

It is also where De Rosee Sa have based their architectural and interior design practice, so we know the area well and track progress on new developments with a special interest. If you are thinking of moving to Notting Hill, consider some of the fantastic new additions to this area, from restaurants and shops, to major new buildings. There are also plenty of plans afoot for the near future from which residents will soon benefit.

Portobello Market

If you’re considering a move to Notting Hill, it’s important to consider what the area could look like in the future. One of the changes that could take place includes an extensive community-driven development around Portobello. The development scheme, proposed by The Westway Trust, would see changes including new housing, an arts space, a new market hall, sports facilities, shops for independent traders and workspaces for artists. The Westway is a ‘can’t miss it’ 3.5 mile elevated road built in the late 1960s to relive congestion around Shepherds Bush. A final decision on the development has not yet been given, but if approved it could mean really interesting changes for the area.

Notting Hill Gate 

Part of the Notting Hill Gate area is owned by Frogmore, who have plans to make changes to the area. Frogmore submitted three planning applications in 2017, and all three were approved on condition of public realm contributions. They will be refurbishing two buildings on the south side of Notting Hill Gate, as well as three office and retail buildings on the north side. These buildings are currently home to a mixed selection of retail, food and financial businesses.

New Restaurants 

Notting Hill is an area that keeps up with the times, and this is shown in the variety and abundance of restaurants. Some of the recent additions to the area are Peruvian restaurant Andina Picanteria and its sister bakery next door, Andina Panaderia. Other new restaurants include the seafood restaurant, Bucket, and the California-inspired Pomonas. There’s also family run restaurant 184 Green + Grill, Vietnamese barbecue restaurant Mam, and Core by Clare Smith, one of the most notable openings of 2017. In fact, there has been a spate of great new Notting Hill restaurants in the last couple of years.

New Shops

It’s not just restaurants that are popping up around Notting Hill. Interesting new retail spaces also appear regularly, offering everything from high fashion to great food. Some of the recent openings in the area include Galvan, the flagship store for the upmarket womenswear brand, and Pippa, a designer sample sale boutique by retailer Pippa Vosper. Anyone looking for a sugar fix can find what they need at newly-opened Doughnut Time, an Australian-owned doughnut shop. There are both chain stores and a variety of independent shops in Notting Hill, keeping it a vibrant and interesting destination for the many tourists who love to visit the area. Westbourne Grove has become a fashionable shopping destination too – where it used to have just antiques shops and a petrol station.

Film & Television

Although not technically in Notting Hill, the old BBC Television Centre in nearby White City is another important development to know about. It will be a new home to Soho House, and will include a hotel and gym. There will also be new offices, apartments, restaurants, a cinema and many other facilities. For anyone thinking of moving to Notting Hill, it will provide some great amenities for the area.

Notting Hill also has three local picture houses, impressive for any London borough. The Electric (owned by Soho House), the Gate Cinema and the Coronet reflect a love of cinema amongst the residents, from art-house to blockbuster.

So it is fair to say Notting Hill has undergone plenty of change in the last few years and it continues to change, as do the communities who live, work and play here.

Image from the WestWay Trust website.